Great Day on Saturday!!

This past Saturday, Beth and I held our 12th Open Garden & Art Show!!  We had beautiful spring weather all day, lots of people came for art and plants, to visit the garden, and to catch up with fellow gardeners!  That is the best  part of this event – the people, those coming for the first time and old friends to reconnect with. Thanks to our helpers selling plants, assisting vendors, passing out lunches, serving lemonade, taking pictures, and all the other details that make it a positive experience.  We truly could not have this event without them!!

It’s pretty quiet here now. There’s time to pot up the extra plant babies for next year, tackle some much needed removals from the garden, but always taking moments to enjoy the new shoots, the blooms, the spring colors, and the little gray frog I found on a hosta leaf!!

Thank you for a most successful day in the garden.

Amelia & Beth


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